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Charterparty Abbreviations

A non-exhaustive list of common (and some not so common) chartering terms.

A - D

aa always afloat
aaaa always accessible, always afloat
adcom address commission
afsps arrival first sea pilot station
agw all going well
aps arrival pilot station
a/s alongside
atdnshinc any time day/night Sundays and holidays included
atutc actual times used to count
baf bunker adjustment factor
bbb before breaking bulk
bdi both dates inclusive
bends both ends (load and discharge ports)
bi both inclusive
cbft (or cft) cubic feet
cfr (or c&f) cost and freight
chopt charterers’ option
chtrs charterers
cif cost, insurance and freight
coa contract of affreightment
coacp contract of affreightment charterparty
cogsa Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
cp (or c/p) charterparty
daps days all purposes
damfordet damages for detention
dem demurrage

D - H

dhdwtsbe despatch half demurrage on working time saved both ends
disch discharge
dk deck
dlosp dropping last outward sea pilot
dnrcaoslonl discountless and non-returnable cargo and/or ship lost or not lost
dwat (or dwt) deadwright (weight of cargo, stores and water, i.e. the difference between lightship and loaded displacement)
eiu even if used
eta estimated time of arrival
etc estimated time of completion
etd estimated time of departure
ets estimated time of sailing
exw ex works
fios free in and out stowed
free out free of discharge costs to owners
ga general average
gls gearless
gn (or gr) grain (capacity)
go gas oil
grd geared
grt gross registered tonnage
gsb good safe berth
gsp good safe port
gtee guarantee
ha hatch
hdwts half despatch working (or weather) time saved

I - P

imdg International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
imo International Maritime Organisation
in &/or over goods carried below or on deck
iu if used
iuhtautc if used, half time actually used to count
loa length overall of the vessel
low last open water
lsd lashed secured dunnaged
mdo (do) marine diesel oil
min/max minimum/maximum (cargo quantity)
molchopt more or less in charterers’ option
moloo more or less in owners’ option
mt metric ton (i.e. 1,000 kg)
mv motor vessel
naabsa not always afloat but safely aground
ncb National Cargo Bureau
nor Notice of Readiness
nrt net registered tonnage
nype New York Produce Exchange
oo owners’ option
osh open shelter deck
ows owners
pdpr per day pro rata

P - W

phpd per hatch per day rob remaining on board
sb safe berth
sd (or sid) single decker
sf stowage factor cubic space (measurement tonne) occupied by 1 tonne (2,240 lb/1,000 kg of cargo
sl bale (capacity)
soc shipper-owned container sof statement of facts
sp safe port
srbl signing and releasing bill of lading
teu 20 ft equivalent unit (standard 20-ft container)
usc unless sooner commenced
uu unless used
uuiwctautc unless used in which case time actually used to count
wccon whether cleared customs or not
wibon whether in berth or not
wifpon whether in free pratique or not
wipon whether in port or not
wltohc water line-to-hatch coaming
wog without guarantee
wpd weather permitting day
wvns within vessel’s natural segregation
wwd weather working day
wwww wibon, wifpon, wipon, wccon


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